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Our WEglobal branding brings together, under a single roof, a number of internal groups that were established for geographical locations, such as the Balkans, Italy, UK, USA, EMEA Region and Netherlands. We are reorganising, refocusing and newly branded as part of a drive towards a larger, more global enterprise that will continue to grow in geographical and technical sector coverage.
The group’s roots go back some 30 years; and we have grown 20-fold over the past 10 years. We are now set to grow again, thanks to our people and their desire continuously to do better.
Our office in Milan acts as our business development HQ; our office in Ankara is our operational hub; our Belgrade office covers our work in the Balkans region; our London base is situated right next to the UK-led development agencies. Our SBA-registered office in New Jersey, USA, is home to BD Consultancy Group and close to the headquarters of major financial investors and US-led government donor agencies, our office in Amsterdam is for the private sector, business development and EU funding programmes, and our office in Pretoria is a base for African Development Bank and EU funds.


Bringing to our work the humanity, skills and behaviours needed to deliver change effectively and fairly, and using the latest technologies to reach out to whole communities, sectors and countries with development solutions.


We are a learning organisation. Our people are continuously growing their personal and technical skills.

We are a fast growing group of consultants, committed to making a lasting impact in supporting countries as they go through change; enabling policies and practices that improve the lives of all their citizens.


We invest in technologies that ensure our internal systems are state of the art. And we push the boundaries of communication, building the latest AI and IoT technologies into our development solutions.


Our expertise lies in working with governments, NGOs, academia and the private sector to improve delivery of social services; advance education for all; protect the environment; fight climate change; support economic growth and employment; instil good governance; and promote justice and human rights.


Bringing to our work the humanity, skills and behaviours needed to deliver change effectively and fairly, and using the latest technologies to reach out to whole communities, sectors and countries with development solutions.


Inspiring our people to become the best consultants, trainers and catalysts for change, implementing projects that have lasting impact, while learning, adapting and using communication technologies, AI and IoT to do things better.


WEglobal is the best place to work

We build success on our people, working across geographical boundaries as a dynamic, single team, within a fair, secure and inspiring work environment.

Excelling in everything we do

We want to become the best in development consultancy in the world and are committed to continuously improving our people, management processes and backup systems to achieve this.

Embracing honesty and integrity

Honesty builds trust, and trust forms the basis for relationships that can achieve great things. We insist on the highest standards of civil and ethical behaviour.

Celebrating diversity

Our outlook is global and free of political, ideological, religious or economic bias. We respect diversity; and treat everyone with dignity.

ISO Certificate

To demonstrate its strong commitment  to quality assurance, WEglobal has acquired  ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015  and  OHSAS 18001:2007  certificates in the fields of  project management services; development, management and implementation of social and environmental investment strategies; and planning of social and environmental investment programmes. 

Modern Slavery Statement

As a company delivering sustainable development, including in fragile and developing countries, WEglobal strives to maintain the highest standard of integrity and transparency carrying out its work, and adopts a zero-tolerance approach to any form of modern slavery.

Beyond basic compliance with applicable employment and labour laws, WEglobal is committed to working with donors and partners to apply best practices through its supply chain and therefore this statement covers WEglobal entire global operations. In this respect, WEglobal Supplier & Partner Code of Conduct, Due Diligence, Fraud and Anti-corruption procedures, as well as its Ethical policy, reflect the commitment to acting ethically and with commitment in all business relationship and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure as far as possible that slavery, any form of forced labour and human trafficking are not taking place within the company or within its supply chains.

WEglobal Risk Management Framework specifically identifies modern slavery and safeguarding as risk to be assessed at bidding stage, documented and reported on to management, with relevant mitigations agreed at the country, project or corporate level to be also evaluated during the inception phase of the programmes and projects delivered. Ongoing risk assessment and reporting forms part of WEglobal continuous risk management processes.

WEglobal operated a companywide whistleblowing process and all employees, consultants, board members, independent contractors and people acting on behalf of the company, as well as any members of the general public are entitled to report breaches that could relate to modern slavery and human trafficking.

To maintain awareness and understanding of key areas covered in the abovementioned policies and procedures, all WEglobal staff are required to complete annual refresher training including modules in respect of Modern Slavery.

This modern slavery statement is disseminated to all operating companies within WEglobal, as well as to all its partners, advisors, suppliers and subcontractors as attached to the Supplier & Partner Code. Where possible WEglobal endeavour to build the capacity of its supply chain partners, subcontractors as well as beneficiaries of its projects and programmes through training session and workshop.

Farnia Fresnel is responsible for the implementation of this statement that will be reviewed and updated on a yearly basis. This statement was approved by WEglobal Advisory Board Members on 10 December 2019 and last reviewed on 15 March 2024.

Levent Şahin Erkan
Chairperson of the WEglobal Advisory Board

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