Luca Azzoni


Luca Azzoni is a social scientist dedicated to human development. He was an ILO officer from 1988 to 2012 in duty stations that included Ethiopia, Italy, Turkey and Egypt. After 2012 he worked in Afghanistan and South Sudan for UNESCO; in China and Jordan for the EU; for USAID in Libya; and in Niger for the Luxembourg Development Cooperation. In all he has worked in more that 70 developing and middle income countries, as well as post-conflict and reconstruction contexts, over his 30 year career; mainly promoting employment, employability and skills development. He is the author and co-author of multiple publications and articles concerning human development. Before pursuing his career in development cooperation within the UN family, he was an HR consultant for private companies and local governments in Italy.

Luca’s passion is in contributing to people’s well-being by working in international co-operation, promoting respect for human rights and sustainable development. He also brings a deep knowledge of work in fragile states, post conflict countries, and direct experience in working  migrants and  refugees.