Climate change dramatically threatens the world’s ecological and social systems. Globally, the growing population and increasing industrial activities create significant pressures on the environment, particularly escalating the climate crisis. A number of countries and international organisations have adopted and prioritised policies aimed at protecting the environment, restoring biodiversity, ceasing pollution of resources and averting climate change.

The road to climate neutrality and minimised risk to human health and biodiversity goes through a wide range of actions extending from increasing environmental awareness in public to the decarbonisation of the markets.

We are taking responsibility for our carbon footprint, involving in various actions to stimulate sustainable development and improve living conditions without compromising the natural system. Putting environmental protection at the core of all our actions, we adopt a multi-stakeholder, inclusive and principled approach; guide and assist decision-makers in policy-making and capacity building.

We also actively participate in awareness-raising, impacting the public’s perception of climate change and resulting in a behaviour change with a high level of understanding of the subject.

Mission Successfully Completed

Technical Assistance for Increased Public Understanding and Enhanced Stakeholder Capacity on the Required Joint Efforts on Climate Action (IklimIN)

In the IklimIN Project, we created a forum of cooperation and continuous dialogue among all governmental and non-governmental institutions that work in the fight against climate change in Turkey. We contributed to empowering the climate governance besides the technical/scientific capacity development and awareness-raising among all the relevant stakeholders.

Covering almost one-third of Turkey, the project supported numerous activities at the local level to fight against climate change. The project supported the development of a National Climate Change Communication Plan and initiated a “climate change training campaign”. With the grant scheme component of the project, programme management of 37 local climate change action projects (worth €3.5 mil and run by CSOs, municipalities, universities etc.) was realised.

In the IklimIN project, we organised the 1st Local Climate Action Conference in 2019 in Antalya, Turkey. Representatives of public institutions, local governments, universities, the private sector, NGOs and international organisations attended and discussed the fight against climate change from various perspectives. Additionally, İklimIN was also present at COP23 UN Climate Change Conference in 2017. In the exhibition area, IklimIN project team members promoted the project and presented the efforts on climate change.

With the IklimIN project, we have been awarded Silver at the prestigious 2020 IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards, under the Small/Medium-sized projects category.


€ 1.865.000

Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation

European Union

14.08.2017 – 13.02.2020

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Our actions in numbers within the scope of this project:


Designed and delivered training programmes for more than 2.000 persons within the scope of customised training programmes, workshops, etc.


Contacted more than 1.300 persons to understand their needs and grasp the current state of affairs on climate change.


Reached more than 2.000 persons within the scope of communication, awareness raising, publicity and visibility campaigns addressing climate change and environmental protection


Prepared more than 3.000 promotional and visibility materials

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