Danilo Caminada

Regional Manager and International Business Development

Over his career Danilo Caminada has amassed more than 25 years’ experience in development aid programmes funded by the EU and other international donors. Starting as a desk officer in the Regional Policy General Directorate at the European Commission in Brussels, he managed ERDF Programmes being implemented in Italy before being appointed Head of the European Programme and Project Unit at the Financial Agency of the Lombardy Government. In addition, he worked as a key expert in programming and monitoring within the Ministry of Finance in Romania during the accession process and as Director of the International Department of Archidata (Italy), where he managed all stages of donor-funded projects, from business development to implementation.

Danilo has a positive attitude, a natural gift for forging relationships and an ability to translate these instinctive qualities into the world of business, helping WEglobal create strategic alliances that improve operations and performance.