Digital Transformation and Solutions

Customised new technologies are helping businesses operate more effectively and efficiently in the new global digital environment.

WEglobal is here to help you harness this digital revolution, plan your digital strategy and take advantage of the latest digital advances for your business, thereby reducing costs, improving client focus and increasing competitiveness.

We can offer advice and support at points along the digital journey, if necessary working with you from scratch to integrate digital transformation actions into your business strategy and then designing and delivering exactly what you need customised to your business requirements.

We have extensive, first-hand knowledge and experience of how digital technologies can improve communications, not only within organisations but also outside them, helping to forge stronger connections with customers, external stakeholders and the public.

Our digital services

Digital Marketing

Social Media Management
Online Marketing, Content Management, Newsletters, Brochures
Mobile Networking

Software Development

Project Management
Management Information Systems (MIS)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
The Internet of Things (IoT)

Data Science

Data Analytics
Business Intelligence, Data Analysis Tools
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
Information Society

Security Management

Internet Governance
Information Security
Cyber Security
Network Security

Business Models

Digital Transformation Strategy and Processes
Integrated Cyber Security
Socio-Technical Approach to Development
Organisational Change in Digital Economy
Digital Economy and Employment
Digital Economy and Small Businesses