Grant Management

Receiving grant and contract funding in today’s environment requires those that receive funds to have absolute control and visibility into how the funds are used to support their sponsored projects and programs. Whether you are an institution of higher education, a government agency, or a non-profit organization, the proper management of your grants is essential to ensuring the continuation of this important revenue stream.


Grant management involves the administration of grants, cooperative agreements, and other related instruments. This includes designing, developing, implementing, and interpreting policies, procedures, and practices for managing grants and assistance. Grant managers provide training, technical assistance, oversight, ethics advice, expertise, and consultation to program officials, awardees, review panels, applicants, recipients, and sub-recipients as needed. They also review and evaluate the adequacy of grants and assistance policies and procedures and serve as a liaison between the European Commission and external customers, recipients, and awardee communities to clarify, interpret, and resolve issues. Grant managers initiate, plan, and conduct surveys and studies to recommend changes to policies, procedures, and regulations in order to continuously improve the grant management process.

We, as one of the leading companies, specialize in implementing Grant Management projects in various regions around the world. Their team is dedicated to upholding the values of Grant Management, including designing and implementing effective policies and procedures, providing technical assistance and oversight to program officials, and serving as a liaison between the European Commission and external stakeholders. They have a proven track record of successfully administering grants and providing expert advice to recipients and sub-recipients. WEglobal is committed to continually improving the Grant Management process through ongoing evaluation, surveying, and research, and their expertise in this area has helped many organizations achieve their goals and objectives.


  • Manage EC fund awards by preparing, processing, issuing, and tracking them while complying with reporting requirements.
  • Evaluate programs by monitoring and assessing awardee performance and establishing performance measures.
  • Ensure awardee compliance with all award terms and conditions through monitoring and assessments.
  • Initiate and/or recommend audits and conduct audit resolution in partnership with resolution officials.
  • Conduct post-award reviews to identify management, financial, and administrative issues.
  • Ensure recipients of EC funds comply with environmental and other Government requirements.
  • Perform final reviews of completed awards, make appropriate adjustments or disallowances, and process close-outs while ensuring compliance with regulatory and legal requirements.