Justice is a core element of welfare and peacebuilding. It is one of the essential human values and a precondition for equality, equity, fairness, and respect for others’ rights. All stakeholders pursuing socio-economic development must embrace the concept of justice, and justice and respect for human rights must be integral to all systems created by the socio-economic development process.

The purpose and scope of the ‘Justice and Human Rights’ portfolio at WEglobal is to:

  • Improve judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters, such as training for judges and other legal practitioners, and ensure effective access to justice for citizens and businesses.
  • Further develop a European area of justice based on the rule of law, including the independence and impartiality of the judiciary, mutual recognition, mutual trust and judicial cooperation.
  • Strengthen of democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights.


We contribute to the following sustainable development goals through the projects we carry out in this portfolio: