Monitoring Human Rights Situation and Advocating for Compliance with International Human Rights Framework

Expected results to be achieved by the end of the Project are as follows:

The overall objective of the Project is to support development of civil society through more active democratic participation in policy and decision making processes and by promoting a culture of fundamental rights and dialogue.

Result 1: CSSP is enhanced and promoted.

  • Corporate identity of the CSSP is enhanced,
  • Communicational activities of the two grant schemes are conducted.

Result 2: Assistance is provided to the MEU and GBs for the effective implementation of 2 grant schemes.

  • The capacity of the GBs in project management and implementation, reporting, as well as their knowledge on EU procurement and visibility rules are increased,
  • The expertise on grant implementation, monitoring and reporting is further enhanced and know-how is developed and increased within the MEU,
  • The awareness and publicity on the projects related to civil society capacity building and dialogue between CSOs and public sector in Turkey is enhanced.

The project budget is € 599,725.00 and the period of implementation of the contract will be 24 months from the start date.