Project Support Activities

At WEglobal, we are capable of participating in a consortium and assuming the lead of a Workpackage during proposal development:


Project Management and Coordination

WEglobal can take the lead in managing and coordinating consortium partners. Once the proposal is approved, our focus shifts to successful project execution. Our experienced consultants handle administrative, financial, and legal management, utilizing customized methodologies and tools to ensure timely delivery of key milestones and outcomes.

Communication and Dissemination

At WEglobal, we manage communication and dissemination activities for European projects. We define communication strategy and objectives, identify target audiences, and design communication plans to convey key messages effectively.


WEglobal’s role is to define an exploitation plan. Initially, we identify the most promising results with potential for exploitation. To achieve this, we engage with each partner individually. Upon completing this stage, we draft individual exploitation plans. We can also provide advice on intellectual property rights to help partners determine the most appropriate means of benefiting from results.


WEglobal fosters strategic partnerships and collaborations with international organizations, institutions, businesses, and governments. Leveraging WEglobal’s extensive network and global presence, particularly in widening countries, offers significant opportunities for internationalization and collaboration. We explore opportunities for joint research and innovation projects. In addition to our headquarters in Italy, WEglobal has offices in Turkey, Georgia, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and representation in Tunisia, all of which are among the associated countries eligible for hosting a WIDERA project. Therefore, WEglobal is ideally positioned to coordinate and disseminate project outcomes in widening countries and EU countries.