Social Inclusion and Protection


Communities cannot prosper unless all citizens have access to equal rights and opportunities regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or background.

The challenges for disadvantaged groups are even greater, distancing them even further from society and jobs.

One of the most effective ways of achieving sustainable growth in any society is by ensuring that the vulnerable and disadvantaged are included in all areas of social life, and our consultants work with disadvantaged groups, CSOs and grassroots organisations all over the world to fight social exclusion in all its forms.

Key areas :

  • Migration issues

  • Refugee resettlement

  • Social inclusion of disadvantaged groups

  • Enhancing the employability and integration of vulnerable groups

  • Raising awareness about social inclusion and protection

  • Outreach services

  • Gender equality

  • Combatting domestic violence

Under the framework of these projects, we have:


Designed and delivered training programmes for 38.000 persons within the scope of customised training programmes, workshops, etc.


Organised more than 25 study visits to EU Member States and other countries presenting best practices in social inclusion and protection


Reached more than 47.000 persons within the scope of communication, awareness raising, publicity and visibility campaigns


Prepared more than 95.000 promotional and visibility materials that provided useful information on social inclusion and protection provided by diverse stakeholders


Contacted more than 45.000 persons to understand their needs and grasp the current state of affairs on social inclusion and protection

The Key Training Expert of the Technical assistance for ‘Promoting social inclusion in densely Roma populated areas’, Ms Vesna Janevski, stated:

“The SIROMA project was one small step in social inclusion in Turkey but opened one huge door for the future. Improvement of education, health and employment could make big changes in the lives of disadvantaged groups of people, but also to all others. In the field of education, I am proud to announce that the team of national and international experts produced 36 books, 18 teachers’ books and 18 students books for 3 levels of education, pre-primary, primary and secondary, which will be implemented all over the country. That is the huge impact, especially implementation for all students. We are not making discrimination; the good things are for all!

A Mission Proven and Thoroughly Accomplished

Improving gender equality and empowering women in Ethiopia

Supporting the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MOWCA) in Ethiopia under the Women’s Breakthrough Project (WBP), we improved the skills of women interested in launching or building up small businesses, facilitated women’s business start-ups and help them establish the necessary market connections and networks. The projects also supported the Ethiopian government’s Growth and Transformation Plan in terms both minimising gender inequalities and reducing overall poverty.


€ 2.548.370

The Ministry of Women and Children Affairs

European Union

28.06.2016 – 28.09.2018

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