We work all over the world on technical assistance projects financed by international agencies, such as the EU. The overall objectives of these interventions are to promote peace, good government and human rights; spur growth, job opportunities and human development; meet the challenges of migration; protect the environment; and fight climate change.
We invest in developing and applying digital technologies that can improve our internal management systems and enhance the impact of our projects. And we create communication strategies that inform and reach out to those who most need help, while at the same time ensuring that we are able to mobilise the human and other resources that can provide that help.

“Best Project of the Year”: Revitalisation of History in Şanlıurfa

With “Revitalisation of History in Şanlıurfa” Project implemented under the lead of WEglobal between 2016-2018 where the Ministry of Industry and Technology acted as Contracting Authority and the beneficiary was Karacadağ Development Agency, it was aimed to develop and implement a destination management model in tourism sector where public and private sectors can collaborate and take joint steps.


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We are a team; teamworking is in our DNA. We may work through a number of different offices, but we come together in teams from across the company; whether this is to develop proposals for new assignments, or to implement our projects, integrating our full set of corporate skills and resources.