Helping People

We believe that our success is not just down to effective project delivery; equally important is our corporate commitment to making positive changes through our work, helping people solve their problems, enhance their lives and protect the environment.
Working ethically and with sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues
Our teams often work with disadvantaged people, such as refugees, those with special needs and the poor. As a result, we are aware of the kinds of social, economic and cultural problems people can face in their everyday lives. This interaction has fueled the responsibility we feel towards disadvantaged groups and our desire to help them reintegrate into the communities in which they live, raising their capacities and offering them opportunities for education and well-being.

HIGHLIGHTS from 2021

We are implementing projects to mitigate climate change, protect our environment, and create a sustainable world. We believe that we can fight the climate crisis together! 🌍

In the summer of 2021, several regions across Turkey suffered from forest fires and floods. WEglobal and HelpZone volunteers took immediate action and brought help to the people in those regions. The main reason for these unfortunate events was climate change.

In September and October 2021, HelpZone and WEglobal volunteers joined forces and organised a climate change awareness raising activity for local children and their parents in Bodrum, Turkey. The event was a huge success; and we received requests for more events of this kind. Our team organised a second climate change awareness raising event for more children and parents. Approximately 370 children showed up at the event, which made a big impact among the people in the locality.

WEglobal sincerely supports HelpZone’s activities and we will continue to organise events and training to raise awareness of climate change; and to support work with disadvantaged people and groups along the way!

WEglobal also supported the “Mobility of Blind People in the City” event within the European Mobility Week! For more information, please visit

WEglobal helping people.
We are committed to our social responsibilities.