Advancing the field on project portfolio management

The Project Portfolio Management Symposium took place on 8 November 2018 in the Istanbul TechnoPark Conference Hall, bringing together around 80 participants from a wide range of research and development (R&D) centres.

The Communication and Cooperation Platform, which is jointly operated by a collection of R&D centres in Turkey and is supported by Turkey’s Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, hosted the symposium. The platform has carried various studies into increasing cooperation between R&D centres and accelerating R&D activities.

Advancing the Field

The symposium was intended bring participants up to date about current innovation strategies and the latest project management philosophies and strategies, and to encourage the establishment of sustainable networks, helping the participants to develop structured and productive sectoral partnerships.

Speaking at the symposium, Levent Erkan, Chairman of WEglobal, said: “Change is achieved more effectively using good project management. Wherever there is change and development, there is a project to be managed, wherever it sits on the scale of size and importance. And project management philosophy can be adapted to suit the prevailing conditions and priorities.”

The symposium gave participants from R&D centres, and project management and communication professionals the chance to hear prominent speakers from the worlds of communications, innovation and the airline industries.