Using the Active Citizenship Mechanism to promote democracy in Turkey

WEglobal is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the “Civil Society Facility 2018 – Sivil Düşün IV” project and will take the lead role in this very important initiative. This will be the fourth phase of Sivil Düşün (‘Think Civil’ in English), which is being funded under the Civil Society Facility in Turkey.

The ‘Sivil Düşün’ programme is designed to strengthen the structures and values of participatory democracy. It supports all activities that strive to contribute to the strengthening of democratic values and are based unequivocally on principles of fair competition, equal opportunity and transparency.

Continuing on from previous phases, this project will improve the environment for active citizenship and strengthen the capacity of organised active citizens by:

  • supporting civil society and citizens right-based initiatives through the Active Citizenship Mechanism (ACM)
  • supporting networking and building the communication skills of civil society and active citizens through the organisation of CSO forums and round-tables
  • raising the awareness of CSOs and citizens about the EU’s support for civil society and human rights.

The ACM, the primary tool of Sivil Düşün, will provide flexible, transparent and accessible support to rights-based work carried out by activists, civil society organisations, platforms, networks, public initiatives, foundations, associations, cooperatives, non-profit companies, city councils, unions, as well as university departments involved in human rights and civil society.

We look forward to sharing the valuable outputs from this project as it progresses.

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