WEglobal helps drive competition and innovation

WEglobal has been awarded a major project aimed at boosting competitiveness and innovation in Turkey: Technical Assistance to Support CISOP 2014-2020 Operations, Information and Publicity

WEglobal is proud to announce that it has been selected to work with the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology to support the operations and the information and publicity components of the prestigious Competitiveness and Innovation Sector Operational Programme (CISOP) 2014-2020.

CISOP, which is jointly funded by the European Union and Turkey, was set up to facilitate and improve the absorption of EU funds in Turkey and to build the administrative and institutional capacity of the ministry (in its role as the Operating Structure responsible for the delivery of CISOP) and other beneficiaries.

WEglobal’s tasks under this assignment will include:

  • further consolidating the Operating Structure’s administrative capacity to manage the Operational Programme;
  • maximising the efficient absorption of IPA (Instrument for Pre-Accession) II funding by improving the access of potential and final beneficiaries to information on the funding opportunities available under CISOP 2014-20;
  • strengthening the capacity of potential and final beneficiaries to apply for, and correctly utilise IPA II funding;
  • supporting the Operating Structure’s inputs into IPA programming for the 2021-27 period;
  • increasing the awareness of CISOP stakeholders and the general public about the EU’s role in Turkey and improving the visibility of IPA-funded actions in support of competitiveness and innovation.

The overall aims of CISOP are to increase the competitiveness of the Turkish economy, to open it up to innovation and to reduce regional socio-economic disparities across the country as the Turkish and EU economies converge. We are committed to supporting these aims and to aiding this process through our know-how in designing, launching, managing and monitoring projects and programmes.