WEglobal successfully completes the “Future Talks”

While more people has started to work remotely for the past couple of months, holding virtual events has become the preferred option for communication. There’s a wealth of technology that allow us to share valuable contents across the globe.

As being a global company, we are experienced in working together from different locations like Italy, Serbia, Turkey, America, the UK and Africa. Within the scope of ‘WEglobal Future Talks’, we held ten webinars between June and August with the participation of guest speakers and moderators. During this pandemic, these informative webinars not only strengthened our communication but also provided an opportunity to reach our teams, clients, beneficiaries, experts and the public.

While speakers discussed the topics, participators were easily involved in the discussions, and a lively Q&A atmosphere was created at the end of every session. These webinars covered many topics to widen the participators’ horizons. The moderators and speakers of the webinars who shared their knowledge were specialists in their respective fields.  Let’s have a look at the topics and speakers below:

  • “The last dance – the role of a team in winning.” by Nazım Sönmez and Bob DeLeeuw.
  • “Brevity is the soul of wit and good communication.” by Michael Chambers and Tamara Ciochina.
  • “Digital workspace and new ways of working.” by Anıl Selvi and Philip Collard.
  • “Getting across the finish line: the power of perseverance.” by Farnia Fresnel and Tuğce Yılmaz.
  • “Be stronger in Balkans” by Nilcan Yaşaroğlu and Katarina Ciconkova.
  • “Details of the vaccination campaign in Capacity building for the alignment with the acquis in the areas of agriculture, rural development, food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy project.” by Uros Vucinic and Valter Miceli.
  • “Can we organise our work more efficiently?” by Joe Miller and David Burton.
  • “Project management experiences and recent developments in the employment sector and youth employment.” by Irmak Göle and Cleofe Guardigli.
  • “Remote working as “the new normal” for accounting & finance sector.” by Kutay Gürtürk and Snezana Petrovic.
  • “Civil Society’s digital transformation: Case of Turkey” by Melis Memişoğlu and Dilek Ertükel.

Working across geographical boundaries with a dynamic team allows us to share many contents not only with our internal but also the external audience. We again emphasized the importance of being a global company by bringing many people together that think outside the box.

We are happy and proud for completing the WEglobal Future Talks! We thank our speakers and audiences who attended these webinar series.

WEglobal Future Talks! Videos

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