BDCG and WEglobal join forces

WEglobal is pleased to announce its partnership with US-based management consultancy BDCG.

The alliance will strengthen the service delivery of both parties through the WEglobal brand, opening new business opportunities in the United States and providing a gateway to USA development assistance.

WEglobal focuses on international development projects financed by the major international funding organisations, as well as working with the private sector in developing and transitional economies.

Under the partnership agreement, Bob DeLeeuw, the owner of BDCG, has been appointed Honorary President of WEglobal. Welcoming the new association, he drew particular attention to WEglobal’s ability to adapt to changes in the development sector, applying innovative approaches and the latest technologies to deliver sustainable outcomes for people and communities across the world.

He said: “I am delighted to be joining forces with WEglobal, and to be investing in its future. I truly believe that this company, with its dynamic and highly creative team, is set to take its place among the top tier of international development consultancies in the world. And I am very pleased to be part of that journey.”

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