The Civic Motion: 2021 & Beyond Digital Forum took place over a digital event platform!

CIVIC MOTION: 2021 & BEYOND Digital Forum was held online on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of May, 2021. The theme of this year’s Sivil Düşün (Civil Society Facility Project) forum was: change! Digital forum aimed to learn about the courageous, creative, and inspirational ways civic actors are working to shape the change in 2021 and beyond.

The Civic Motion: 2021 and Beyond Digital Forum took place over a digital event platform ( and hosted live panel sessions, workshops, a Civic Motion Fair, networking facilities for participants, as well as live support throughout the forum. 

The forum brought together diverse participants worldwide to explore global trends and their impacts on advancing human rights. A total of 20 speakers from Turkey, the USA, the UK, the Netherlands and Nigeria have explored critical topics around the change from different perspectives. Amongst them, there were opinion formers, activists, journalists and academicians.

Participants used many virtual features to meet, chat and share ideas & experiences. They enjoyed the chat rooms to meet individually or in groups to discuss the forum topic and leave their reactions to the sessions. The total number of interactions for networking has reached 450.

Sivil Düşün team has set up exhibition booths for 20 rights fields and invited participating CSOs and activists to showcase their work in the form of either digital brochures, videos, reports, or booklets etc. A total of 713 users logged in to the exhibition hall and visited booths 3698 times. Participants also had a swag bag that they could add and email themselves the materials they have chosen. They have acquired a total of 2450 civic work examples from the exhibition booths.

Sivil Düşün has received very positive feedback from participants for the content, speakers and the forum platform, collected through the chat rooms and social media. The event platform will be accessible until 5 June 2021 for viewing recordings of live sessions and workshops, visiting the exhibition hall, and for participants to network and carry forward discussions in chat rooms.

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