Helping Turkey work with and receive support from the EU

We are delighted to announce that we have been selected to work with Turkey’s Ministry of EU Affairs (MEU) on the two-year project Technical Assistance for Result-Oriented Monitoring in Turkey – Phase III.

In its role as Turkey’s National IPA Coordinator (NIPAC) the MEU is coordinating and monitoring the country’s absorption of assistance and funding under the IPA II programme, the EU’s Instrument for Pre-Accession, which helps countries prepare for EU membership.

We will be working with the MEU to help it fulfill the objectives set for it in the Indicative Strategy Paper for Turkey (2014–2020) by:

  • conducting risk assessment-based, result-oriented monitoring (ROM) of ongoing and completed activities funded under IPA II and producing monitoring reports and background conclusion sheets (BCS);
  • increasing the capacity of the relevant authorities through training, seminars and workshops on ROM methodology;
  • modifying and updating the MEU’s existing database;
  • preparing a handbook on ‘Result-oriented sectoral monitoring based on the sectoral approach’; and
  • revising chapters relating to monitoring and evaluation in NIPAC manuals and operating structures in line with the most recent ROM methodology.

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