The closing event for the Civil Society Support Programme successfully delivered in hybrid format

The closing event for the CSO Partnerships & Networks on Strengthening Cooperation between Public Sector and CSOs Grant Scheme project took place on Wednesday, December 9th, 2020. The Civil Society Support Program carried out the project, and it was co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey. The closing event was carried out in hybrid format to limit the number of in-person participants, allowing participants to take part in the event remotely via Zoom.

The opening speeches of the event were delivered by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director for European Union Affairs Ambassador Faruk KAYMAKCI, the Head of Delegation of the European Union to Turkey Ambassador Nikolaus MEYER-LANDRUT and Dr. Hakan ERTÜRK, the Director of Central Finance and Contracts Unit. Faruk KAYMAKCI emphasized the importance of civil society, CSOs and the necessity of public-CSO cooperation during his speech.

The program continued with the Department of Project Implementation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Directorate for EU Affairs, A. Hakan ATIK’s, presentation titled “Achievements of Grant Scheme for Partnerships and Networks”.

Next, ten civil society organizations who are receiving grants from the Grant Scheme for Partnerships and Networks shared the results of their projects. 4.3 million euros were allocated to the Grant Scheme for Partnerships and Networks in total.

This was followed by a joyful concert by violinist Zeynep ERKAN, a flamenco dance and a music show staged by the Ankara Flamenco Association.

The Director-General for Financial Cooperation and Project
Implementation in Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Directorate for EU Affairs, Bülent ÖZCAN, delivered the closing remarks, thanking all the CSO representatives and inviting them to sustain their cooperation.


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