LIFE-BECKON stimulates the deployment of energy communities!

We are proud to announce WEglobal’s “Developing Support Mechanisms for Energy communities and other Citizen-led Initiatives in the field of Sustainable Energy” (LIFE-BECKON) Project has started!

LIFE-BECKON stimulates and boosts the deployment of energy communities across Europe by developing and delivering comprehensive support mechanisms for public authorities, promoters and Local Action Groups to better equip them to facilitate the creation of energy communities, therefore answering to clear needs and known barriers.

The comprehensive support mechanism includes

•            A technical assistance cookbook to enable the creation of Technical Assistance Offices,

•            A capacity building program via Train-the-Trainer approach to increase expertise and knowledge of all stakeholders involved

•            Integrated services via a One-Stop-Shop platform to facilitate access to information, tools and guides as well as matchmaking among actors along the value chain.

The support mechanism will be validated in 3 supramunicipal areas in Avila (Spain), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Copenhagen (Denmark) and replicated in 15 EU local authorities.

Within the project, WEglobal  is leading the development of the Technical assistance cookbook activities and supporting the replication activities, the development of the One-Stop-Shop platform as well as the demonstration & validation activities in the 3 supramunicipal areas.

Project funding period: November 2022 – October 2025
Co-funded by the European Union via the LIFE programme

Want to learn more? Please contact Lia Michalaki at: [email protected]  and/or visit the LIFE Public Database at:

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