Lights, camera, action!: videos help businesses in Moldova take advantage of new trading opportunities

WEglobal is working with the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure in Moldova to strengthen the trading capabilities of Moldovan businesses both within the country and internationally.

Our role is to raise awareness of the advantages offered by the country’s Association Agreement with the European Union to create a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) allowing Moldovan businesses access to the European Single Market in certain sectors.

Specifically, we are producing at least 15 videos showing the impact of the DCFTA on Moldovan’s everyday lives and explaining how businesses can take advantage of the opportunities the agreement opens up for them. The videos will be widely publicised through the EU4Business portal, partners’ websites, social media channels, and used at events and training sessions and during national awareness-raising campaigns.

Three types of videos are being produced: tutorials on how to benefit from the DCFTA; success stories showing ‘local heroes’ who have already benefited; and TV clips and short clips for social media showing the practical impact of the DCFTA and EU assistance on every life in the country.

The videos, which are being produced in Romanian with Russian subtitles (or in two language versions) are already beginning to hit the screen. Three videos celebrating ‘success stories’ can be accessed at: