WEglobal and Strategic Partners Annual Meeting successfully held for the third time!

Since our establishment, we have been meeting with our board members and strategic partners from all over the world in every October within the scope of the “Annual Meeting”. We share our achievements and experiences over the last year and talk about our future goals in these meetings. While updating each other, we also have a pleasant time with our team in motivational and educational panels.

This year, 150 participants from all over the world met at the “WEglobal and Strategic Partners Annual Meeting” on October 25th, 2021, by using Zoom. This year’s meeting was a hybrid event too because of the pandemic conditions like the last year. The HUB İncek Office was the live stream center of the meeting, and four people participated in the meeting from the live stream room and the other team members connected to the meeting online.

The “WEglobal and Strategic Partners Annual Meeting” includes the presentations of WEglobal’s achievements and impacts, updates from the departments and strategic partners, virtual project & branch offices tours and many motivational sessions. The theme of this year’s meeting is “Projects for Sustainable Development”. The world has become more aware of the importance of sustainable development in 2021. While we support sustainable development in our projects, our strategic partners also shared their goals within the scope of sustainable development.  

Levent Erkan and Bob Deleeuw gave the opening speeches of the event after the presenter Figen Dereli’s brief introduction. In Achievements of 2021 session, with the moderation of Levent Ergen, department representatives of WEglobal made presentations about their departments’ main achievements in 2021; then, the participants took funny quizzes, including departments’ exciting information.

In Virtual Project Offices Tour and WEglobal Annual Meeting Cake session, WEglobal’s branch & project offices worldwide connected the session live on Zoom, and the participants were able to see their offices. Every office has celebrated the 3rd Year of WEglobal by cutting an “Annual Meeting Cake”!

After this celebration atmosphere, the Impact and Development session took place. In this session, presenters have talked about different topics under the framework of “impact” with the moderation of Joe Miller.

The next session was the Winning Culture Presentation and Video Show by the Project Development Unit. In this session, Project Development Unit members made presentations about the company’s winning culture, and every member gave different information about their expertise areas. Then, they announced funny videos that include creative, humorous video clips and frames the Project Development Unit team shot about how they work collaboratively with their team.

After a coffee break, the Strategic Partners gave information about their current projects. Levent Erkan was the session’s moderator, and he mentioned the importance of the strategic partners and their interaction with WEglobal. At the end of the meeting, Access Your Superpowers to Make Impact took place. In this workshop, Farnia Fresnel CPQC, CPCC, Deirdre Soraci CPQC, ACC, and Erika Davis CPQC, P.E., introduced the team to three core skills to help build resilience and help increase performance for greater impact.

We would like to thank our teammates who celebrated our 3rd year together with us at this event.

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