WEglobal celebrates innovatively at “2020 Hybrid Annual Big Team Meeting”

In light of the pandemic and global travel restrictions, the 2020 WEglobal Big Team Meeting transformed its annual gathering into a hybrid event. Participants joined the Big Team Meeting on October 23rd, 2020 either virtually or in-person at one of the WEglobal offices.

The 2020 Annual Big Team Meeting featured panels, guest speakers, workshops and a concert. The hybrid format was designed to engage participants for an enjoyable and educational experience. There were approximately 40 in-person participants, and over 100 participants joined in virtually through Zoom from all over the world.

Together we celebrated and reflected on the past year, as well as discussed our goals for the future. Despite the challenges presented to us during 2020, we are proud that WEglobal was able to embody our slogan “Working Together to Improve Our World”.

For most of the in-person attendees, the Big Team Meeting was their first live business event since the pandemic. Proper cleaning and social distancing protocols were critical in running this event safely and successfully, and all were adhered to in a successful manner. Additionally, all in-person participants were required to have their body temperature measured before entering the building and wearing a mask was compulsory.

We would like to thank everyone that made this hybrid event possible. It took adaptability and creativity to pull off an event of this scale in such a unique fashion. We are proud of where we are and excited for what the future holds!

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