Live-streamed discussion on “Going Through and Coping with Crises and Thereafter” held

Levent Erkan, Chairperson of WEglobal, has taken part in a live-streamed discussion on “Going Through and Coping with Crises and Thereafter” with Ersoy Erkazancı, Bloomberg HT’s Dubai Correspondent, who hosted and moderated the event on his Instagram page.

The discussion generated considerable interest among viewers and provided an excellent insight for those wanting to know more about the crisis management process. Levent Erkan shared his experiences of, and offered his advice on crisis management and post-crisis planning and at the end of the live stream he answered viewers’ questions. He has also provided and shared his 1994, 2001 and 2007 Crises Experience where he has led teams and projects during the Crisis’s in the USA, UK and Turkey at different times. He has added the steps of Crises Management, mentioning that we are only at the stage 1 (Resolve), and newly starting to the next stage (Resilience), where there are 5 steps more to finalize this Crisis at a period of time.

Erkan said: “At first sight, our short-term perceptions of crises can be negative, but we can learn from them. If we see them in this way, crises may present opportunities and, in the long term, bring beneficial results. When preparing an action plan for crises, we should focus on how to overcome them in the correct manner. This is where technology can play a crucial role. We should look for the benefits technology can provide at each stage of the crisis management process and integrate technology into our post-crisis planning.

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