WEglobal continues supporting climate action in local

This year, on March 15 and 16, the first international conference of Enhancing Required Joint Efforts on Climate Action project was held in Antalya with a large number of participants including representatives of public institutions, local governments, universities, private sector, non-governmental organizations and international organizations.

Speaking at the event, Angel Gutierrez Hidalgo de Quintana, Head of the Department for Economic and Social Development Section, European Union Delegation to Turkey, emphasized that industrial activities are increasing among the megacities, which means there is a considerable problem to fight against climate change and an increasing need to take immediate action instead of fearing natural disasters. Moreover, local disaster management, low carbon transportation, green infrastructure, energy and agriculture best practices were discussed as well as the role of women and young people on climate changes during the event. The conference attracted even more attention with sand and dance show on the theme of climate changes. During the two conference days, the grant projects supported by the project were promoted in the foyer area, and the participants appreciated the presentations of the projects. There was a real and great interest in the conference.

Currently, the series of awareness training have been provided on global and local climate policies for the provincial directorates, NGOs and university students in twenty cities.

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