WEglobal wins Bronze at the 2021 IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards!

We are delighted to announce that IPMA awarded WEglobal “bronze” for the project “Support to Quality Infrastructure Framework within a DCFTA Context in the Republic of Moldova” in the Social/Regional Development/Community Service sub-category. 

IPMA Global Awards Virtual Ceremony was organized in a hybrid format on 22 September 2021. In the event, IPMA recognized excellent project management achievements realized by organizations, project management teams, Project Managers and researchers. The Virtual Ceremony was part of the 32nd IPMA World Congress which gathered over 350 participants in St. Petersburg, Russia. The transmission was broadcasted from the studio in Warsaw, Poland. The ceremony was hosted by Anna Butrym and Maciej Kautz, professional presenters and Pau Lian Staal-Ong – IPMA Global Awards Coordinator.

We have accepted our award at St. Petersburg! There was a great atmosphere with the project professionals, and the results were announced with high excitement!

In the evaluation report; the judges said:

“The aim of the Support to Quality Infrastructure Framework within a DCFTA Context in the Republic of Moldova project was to produce continuous improvement in the Moldovan business environment to meet EU standards. Lots of deliverables were achieved, and performance and effectiveness were high. The results were reliable, flexible, scalable and sustainable. The method of training SMEs was adapted to their needs so that was flexible and scalable.”

“The project is strong in terms of processes and resources. It is understood that the implementation team (WEglobal) is quite experienced in implementing EU funded projects. The ‘’PM manual’’ is a good example of process management.”

We are proud to have such a prestigious award and committed to delivering our projects with high quality and impact!

For more information on the 2021 IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards Ceremony, please see the following link:


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