It was another year of strong growth, success and progress for WEglobal.

We began 2018 as we ended the previous year, taking the long-term view, making forward-thinking decisions and evolving to shape our vision for the future.

We were pleased to see the results of our hard work and we are excited to see where our positive plans for the future take us next.

In the meantime, here are some of the exciting things that happened in 2018:

New projects

2018 was an incredible year for us that ended as it begun, with the awarding of new EU-funded projects thanks to the incredible teamwork and professionalism of our business development team.

Through these projects, we will be able to provide assistance and support in various fields, such as civil society, human rights, common market organisation, competitiveness and innovation, archaeology and cultural heritage, ethical awareness, and many more. We will continue to help create successful and sustainable communities through these projects during 2019.

Investing in the digital future

Throughout 2018 we continued to adopt new technologies to help businesses operate more effectively and efficiently, exploring opportunities to provide the latest digital technologies, tools and systems. Integrated technology tools increasingly feature in our projects, strengthening work management, collaboration and communication with digital workplace groups, real-time analytics, surveys, and other areas of management support. As Joe Miller, responsible for WEglobal strategy, commented: “Our team is creating a digital footprint on the road to the Digital Economy”.

Expanding our global presence

In 2018, we brought our international resources together under a single roof, rebranding as WEglobal, a name that reflects our ethos of working together as one team, both within our company and externally with stakeholders and communities around the world. Through our headquarters in Milan, Italy, as well as our regional and project offices throughout the world, the year saw us starting to operate on a truly global scale, capable of providing assistance and support wherever it is needed internationally.

Helping people

We see the world as a single, global community and treat everyone with whom we work as a valuable member of the WEglobal team. We see at first hand the social, economic and cultural problems that people face every day and these experiences have heightened the responsibility we feel towards disadvantaged groups and fueled our desire to help them integrate into the communities in which they live, improving their skills and capacities, opening up opportunities for education and enhancing their well-being. In 2018, a WEglobal team took part in a 10K race as part of the 40th Istanbul Marathon, running in the heat to draw attention to the plight of, and raise funds for Syrian children, providing them with learning materials, educational toys, books and technology-based tools.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported us and hope to make an even greater positive impact in 2019. Stay tuned for upcoming news.

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