Creating ethical awareness at local

The EU-funded project for Increasing Ethical Awareness among Elected and Non-Elected Local Government Officials has been launched on 24 April 2019 with the participation of more than 250 senior figures including mayors, representatives of municipalities, governors, and deputy governors, representatives of non-governmental organizations, academicians and public officials.

After welcoming the invitees, the event started with a short theatre performance combined with the musical show and continued with the speech of Mr. Köksal Toptan, the President of the Council of Ethics and the statements of high-protocol on importance of ethics.

About the project

The project serves to promote an ethical culture and minimize unethical behaviour and corruption among the elected and non-elected local government officials during their service provisions. The beneficiary of the project is the Council of Ethics for Public Officials (CEPO).

To produce ethical codes of conducts and provide the consolidation of the ethical behaviours in local governance, more events such as study visits, workshops, and meetings will be conducted within the scope of the project.

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