WEglobal to help strengthen civil society dialogue

Civil society is the “third sector” of society, separate from government and business. It is a broad term that encompasses the family and the private sphere, as well as non-governmental organisations and institutions that represent the interests and the will of citizens and support the building blocks of democracy, such as freedom of speech and an independent judiciary.

The European Union is supporting the development of civil society in Turkey as part of preparations for closer EU – Turkey integration, and WEglobal is pleased to announce that it has been asked to contribute to these efforts by providing technical assistance for the implementation of the EU-funded Civil Society Dialogue and Civil Society Support Programme.

The project is intended to increase bilateral exchanges and cooperation between civil society organisations (CSOs) in Turkey and the EU at local, regional and national levels, to strengthen the effectiveness of control mechanisms between CSOs and to raise awareness within the country of the importance of Turkey’s membership of the EU.

A major component of the project involves providing civil society actors in Turkey with funding to support their activities. We will be managing four grant schemes and helping the Directorate for EU Affairs and grant beneficiaries to manage, implement and report on the grant projects funded under the programme.

We look forward to delivering the project smoothly and effectively to the benefit of everyone involved in civil society in Turkey.

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