WEglobal will help to fight against drug addiction in Turkey

We are delighted to announce that WEglobal was selected to lead the “Technical Assistance for Strengthening Institutional Capacity of the Judiciary and Execution System for the Fight against Addiction” project.

This project aims to create a more supportive environment for addicted offenders within the probation system and their families, to develop training materials to incorporate into the curriculum of the Justice Academy and to better handle drug and stimulant related crimes by studying regulation about drugs.

Furthermore, the project will help with the establishment of specialised courts, to point out general strategies and sub-actions to strengthen the Judiciary and Execution System in Turkey in terms of combating drug addiction; helping addicted offenders particularly within the probation system and their families, addicted convicts and detainees in penal institutions.

WEglobal will support the contract activities, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Workshops and training
  • Awareness-raising group programmes for drug addiction
  • Establishment of a monitoring and integration system
  • Studies on regulations about drug
  • Drawing up a strategy and action plan
  • Developing effective rehabilitation and intervention programmes

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