Supporting rural development in Azerbaijan

WEglobal is pleased to announce that it is part of the winning consortium awarded the project ‘Support to Development of a Rural Business Information System in Azerbaijan’.

The overall objective of this project is to increase the capacity of public authorities and other stakeholders in agriculture and rural development, specifically those responsible for market-related data collection, processing and open-sourcing under the overall framework of a rural business information system. The project will target the efficient utilisation of the technology available, comprising information systems processing all data related to rural business and the regional agricultural food economy.

The project will therefore support the further development and/or broader use of existing, partially EU-aligned information systems, such as those recording farm income, agricultural commodity prices, domestic support etc; develop and help implement a strategy and methodology for closing priority information gaps indicatively identified by state and non-state actors inside and outside these existing systems; and map rural business/investment opportunities.

Under the project we will help to develop a web-based secondary information system and mobile applications, facilitating access to data and other information for a variety of users from the agricultural, food economy and broader rural business community and providing automatic updating and exchange of data. We will also be providing support to support to capacity building in, among other things, data collection methods, validation and analysis.

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