WEglobal blows off steam with its big and spectacular annual gathering

Over 150 guests helped us celebrate our first year and recharge our batteries at our Annual Gathering, which took place in Istanbul from 31 October to 3 November 2019.

For the first time, we came together with our board members from all around the world. We celebrated and reviewed our first year, and our board members shared with us their new and eminently practical strategies for sustainable growth. We also took the opportunity to talk about our successes over the last year and assess opportunities for the future. We have been awarded many projects and implemented them successfully thanks to our brilliant board members and our team. WEglobal finds itself on the crest of a wave after just one year.  To quote one of our team members: ‘Our success comes from our hard work and our loyalty to the company.’

As part of the Annual Gathering, we organised a spectacular reception on 2 November in the Venetian Palace, hosted by Massimo Gaiani, Italy’s Ambassador to Turkey, celebrating our cooperation with Italy. WEglobal’s chairperson, Levent Erkan, Danilo Caminada, Head of WEglobal Italy, and the Ambassador welcomed the participants at the start of the reception, setting the theme as WEglobal’s global perspective. Our guests also enjoyed a concert given by the classical music group, Liber Trio. We recognise and appreciate that the diversity present in our team creates a great atmosphere. We have a very significant level of cooperation with Italy thanks to the location of our headquarters. To build a better world, we know that we may have to shake things up a little – we know that we will have to operate as unified team to do so and we will work together tirelessly to achieve the changes needed in society and business.

Following the reception, we used the third day of the Annual Gathering to emphasise the importance of corporate social responsibility and took the opportunity to boost awareness of it through the 41st Istanbul Marathon.

On Sunday 3 of November 2019, thousands of people came together at the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul to take part in the race, running from Asia to Europe. The Istanbul Marathon generates great interest all around the world every year. It starts on the Asian side of the city, shortly before the First Bosphorus Bridge, crosses the bridge, giving the runners an outstanding view of the Bosphorus and Istanbul, passes many historic sites and ends in Sultanahmet in the European part. It is the world’s only cross-continental road race.

Last year the WEglobal team ran the 10K to provide displaced Syrian children with learning materials, educational toys, books and technology-based tools. This year, around 150 people from our team ran the 15K! The theme in 2019 was ‘Run for Disabled People’. 

This is important work and many hands make light work! We are happy to say that we made a donation on behalf of all the WEglobal team members who took part in the marathon in order to support disabled people.

“We have a great team operating in a great working environment atmosphere. We continue to try to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be, not forgetting that family, friends and health are the most important things in life. We should also keep our love and respect for each other intact. We should reflect these virtues in our work, and respect and support each other as a family to create together the best workplace we can.” said Levent Erkan, Chairman, WEglobal.

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